Saturday, 3 April 2010


... used to be a month I look forward to, for so many reasons.. not anymore.

In fact, I was looking forward to 2010, as well as other people, to get away from 2009 which was bad luck to a lot of people. As it turned out, 2009 was much nicer than 2010!

The year isn't going for many of us. On the professional as well as the personal levels. Is this who 2010 will be for the remainder of it? I hope not...

I got to see a different side to a lot of people around me. It is shocking! The latest was a colleague's wife who pretended to be a friend. Suddenly she took a stand. She decided not to talk to me! Why? Not a clue!

The funny side is that those people I'm seeing a very ugly side of were once the people I should have avoided and cut all relations with. At the time, however, I decided that I wouldn't do that as it was "unfair" and you should always find excuses to people's weird behaviors. This is a mistake I am learning from and learning the hard way too.

Time to cut back on such relations as they turned out to be more harmful than good!

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