Wednesday, 28 April 2010

That sweet feeling..

... you know, like the first time you fall in love.. it feels that way.... I feel happy today.. really happy :)

I do miss Heba so much... I'm even going to change rooms so I don't keep waking up and looking at her bed wondering where she is.. I'll do that tomorrow as I really do need to sleep.

I also miss him.. It was nice teasing each other and the day of the wedding revealed lots of feelings that was just great...

I guess we will meet soon.. not sure yet in which country but it's gonna happen.. at the right time..

Time to go to sleep... I learned so much whilst in Egypt. Mainly about how wedding plans can all happen in the last minute and it will still look like it took ages to plan. Also that you shouldn't try to please people because you can never please everyone so better do what you think is right. Finally, that I really miss Heba and it will be a very tough few months until I get used to not having her around..

Good night y'all... (who the heck is all!) hehehehe

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