Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cairo, day 1

what a day!!

It felt soooooo long that I had to sleep to make time fly!!

We left this morning to make the final arrangements for tomorrow's wedding.. it was great.

The I went home.. I had to wait from the train that arrives at 9.30 and it seemed time has just gone really slow... it was still 6... a few hours later - or so it seemed - it was 6.05!!!

I slept and woke up to find it was 8... there were lots of visitors so it was nice to chat to them until then..

At 10pm the door opened.. There he is.. he gained lots of weight but that didn't matter to me.. Withing minutes me, him and my brother were on our way to but the wedding cake. It was a chance for a catch up.. it was nice.

now we are all in the flat, the family i mean, enjoying Heba's last day with us..

Dear blog, I'll catch up with you later :)

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