Tuesday, 6 April 2010

6th April

What a day!!

I met a friend today over lunch and it was nice having a chat and catching up. It was like running away from reality and looking at things through someone else's eyes. It worked like magic.

Then I walked through Regents Park, my favorite place and one where I always leave in an amazing mood...

Then I arrived at home. Lots of packing is taking place. My sister is moving to another country soon and that is killing me. I mean we are like all siblings, we argue a lot and have silly discussions and spend days not talking sometimes... But whenever we need each other we always manage to support each other through hell and back.. I guess I'm not ready to lose her too. Not with everything else that's going on.

I also got lots of bad news from Egypt.. That was the last thing I needed.

If you know life well, you'll know that when you think things can't possibly be any worse it will surprise you with what's worse.

I was watching TV and I saw the mess in Egypt. Scary. If you have no money to feed your family, poisoned and rotten food that isn't even suitable for animal consumption but you don't have other choices, contaminated water, low wages, no clean air, no transport, poor education, an unfair government that has been ruling for years and won't leave unless the president's son is the new president, no fair elections and no freedom of speech.... To name a few! The last thing you can expect is that you are prohibited from demonstrating too!! The videos and photos were shocking. People were kidnapped in broad daylight.. Just for demonstrating peacefully.

Oh Egypt, whatever will happen to you next...

Time to end this day by going to sleep. Maybe in my dreams I will find a way out... Maybe not.

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