Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cairo.. the city that never sleeps..

Well, after 4 days of cancelled flights and delays and dramas we finally arrived in Cairo. It's amazing... I don't know what it is that makes me feel like I'm alive :)

A year ago I was on my way to Turkey (followed by a trip to Cairo) and during this period I was initiating a relationship.. It failed miserably in the end but I learned so much from it..

Well, this year I'm in Cairo at around the same time and assessing the initiation of yet another relationship... what is it with relationships and Cairo!!

I guess I'm ready for a new adventure but before I start that adventure I'm going to enjoy single life to the max... who knows, it may be my last few days as a single person... oh joy!!

The flight was an odd one.. Egyptair has a new plane in their fleet and it was really nice compared to the other aircrafts I have been on so far.

To add to the joy of the trip I met three well known characters - Ramy Lakah (a businessman who left Egypt after being unable to pay back lots of loans and debts - or so it is alleged), Amr Zaky (a well known footballer in the Egyptian Zamalek team) and Mohammed Henidi (a well known actor). It reminded me of the note I wrote a few weeks ago about not judging books by their covers..


I was joined by my father, my sister - who is getting married in the next few days - and my mum. My dad and sister fell sick during the flight and it felt like we spent years in the plane.. Luckily they are both fine and doing well now.


Tomorrow is the stat of a new adventure. Let's see what my crazy mind will get me to and what these few days will bring.. I'll keep blogging.. i think!

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