Friday, 26 March 2010

The black duck

We have this saying that goes something like "I'm not the black duck" though in the English language it's a sheep rather than a duck.... the point is at some point we tend to feel we are different and the difference causes us to be picked on. Ever felt this way?

Today, whilst enjoying the lovely weather in the UK (which doesn't happen often) I had a weird thought.. it was more of a question that didn't really make sense even to me!

The question was something like "have you ever wondered what a lost child feels?" I mean having to figure out what they do and how to be independent for those few minutes before s/he is reunited with his family? But then I answered myself "we were all kids at some point and we all got lost so we do in fact know".. but do we?

If I ask my mum how many times I was lost in a shopping mall or in the market or anywhere she wouldn't be able to remember the as they were many... I remember just some too but I don't quiet remember what I felt back then..

What does that have to do with the duck? Nothing...

Recently I have started to observe people's behaviours and taken mental notes... they don't add up... It's like some people are acting like that lost kid.. trying to find independence but relying on others to help them out. Is that right or wrong?

I also met a lot of people in the last few months who are ready to attack once they feel you're having that "black duck" feeling or even like that lost kid. They see you as an easy target and start reflecting their insecurities on attacking you. The worst thing you can do is attack them back. It doesn't add up..

I am sure when I read this in the morning I'm going to find it as confusing as anyone else who reads it. I guess it has just been one of those days where I'm not thinking straight.

On that note, time to go to bed!

If I learnt anything today it has go to be the following - don't trust people regardless of how nice they may seem. Once they see you as the "black duck" you will see a totally different side to them..

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