Friday, 16 April 2010

Dear world.... I LOVE you!

Well, maybe not LOVE you but rather "I think you're OK!".

Since yesterday I can't stop laughing... Volcano! ash cloud! we're stranded in the UK!! what about my sister's wedding!! This is something that can be written for a movie but to happen in real life, it's just odd!

But that's just one of the reasons why I don't seem to give a damn..

Life is great, I'm not sure why but it just feels great again.. I love the sunshine, the amazing weather, the fact that I regained my strength!

As I revealed more and more lies I decided to take some action. I spoke to a colleague - a very dear colleague - whom I lost due to all the lies I was hearing and believing.. I wanted to ask him, not sure what to ask him about but I wanted to talk to him.

Did he know about my ex's relationships? Did he know what was going on??

I asked him.. The shock on his face made me sure he didn't know.. I told him everything my ex has ever said to me about him, about their friendship, I even showed him an email he sent me about him - I wish I had saved everything so he could see it.

He looked more and more shocked.. I felt sorry for him. I wasn't the only one deceived..

He decided to confront my ex. As usual my ex ran away from all this and made excuses as to why he can't talk to him. He didn't need to. He's a liar.

My ex then thought that I - like him - had secrets I was scared people would know. I don't. My family raised me well, unlike him.

He sent me a threatening message on facebook. I saw it and laughed. I then updated my status that he's threatening me.. hehehehe

You see, when you don't do anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, you don't care what anyone says! Basically!

I won't stop. He has fooled so many people and I don't think he should be able to get away with it. He needs to understand that we all have to face the consequences of our actions. This is what life is all about!

Now the main point is... Soon I will have to get on with my life and stop looking back at this sick relationship and remember this sick guy... COOL!

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