Monday, 26 April 2010

Cairo... another day..

I can't even think how many days it has been since we arrived.. I'm ill and staying in bed all day, not fun :(

Heba is still in Sharm Elsheikh with Ahmed and I miss her so much... I keep waking up thinking she's in the same room but don't find her.. I hope she's having a great time..

Now the question is, do I follow her? NO, not to Sharm of course!! I mean with the whole marriage thing.. do I take this step now or is it too soon? (I have to recover from the cold/flu first anyway!)..

I feel so tired that I can't even think.. I have to say though, HE is amazing.. really caring and.... but is it too soon?

There is so much I need to do whilst here in Egypt but can't remember a single thing of it!!! Damn that flu/cold!!!! (I can't even tell what it is!)

I am enjoying the wedding photos and we keep teasing each other :)

Alexandria? Maybe tomorrow, if my cold/flu gets any better.. fingers crossed.

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