Saturday, 10 April 2010

Characters of a mysterious story..

I have felt lost for weeks. Trying to find the right words to express the story. It was a very hard task... But as they always say, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I found it! Or rather it found me!

I saw a friend's note today (Mona) and a few notes from other friends (though they were not as obvious as Mona's or as helpful) and the Words were flowing.... So here it goes:

This is a story about a story. The story was very interesting to read. It really was. It was confusing too but it was interesting.

The starts of the story were many. Aram was the best one. Aram was the only one who knew what was happening. Aram was the only one who really took time to think. The others, including Marwah (no not me - but she was also good!), Amera, Eli, Remi...... this list can go on for some time!! .... we not aware of the main star of the story... they didn't realize it was a story or that they were heroes of it.

The story was catching to anyone reading it.. by the time they reached the first few pages they were either clever enough to know how the plot will end or (like me) were too attached to the plot that they just kept reading.

At the end of the story, everyone discovers how it ends and find out if they were right or wrong about the ending. I have to say... it's not as you would think it would turn out at all!

As i will add this to my blog - the one where i document my learning experience - i have to say that this story taught me a lot... you can never judge a book by its cover as the saying goes. In fact, you can't judge a book at all until you have read it all... the twist in the ending can make you see everything differently...

i have to say, i really admired every single heroine of the story, they were very brave.

The "hero"? You would have had to read the story but at the end the "hero" turns out to be a the evil character... I told you there was a twist!

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