Monday, 19 April 2010

Back to the stars....

Hi blog... huh!

OK, seriously.. I promised myself I would turn my life around today, guess what? I did! I mean, I knew that I would.. I'm just saying "I did" to confirm... never mind.

I woke up today feeling tired and sleepy - again - but this time I woke up before my alarm even went off (the first alarm that is) and was ready to start the day... Start it right this time!

I went to work, singing all the way (in my mind of course! one volcano is bad enough) and smiling and full of energy. I was enjoying the sun and the lovely weather.

I arrived at work and it was all going so well. "I am determined to make this a good day", I kept saying to myself.

It really was amazing.. I didn't stop laughing (back to my usual crazy self) and I was full of confidence. I even heard lots of funny things today that made me like working where I am.. I needed that for a looooooooooong time!!

I have a cold? (sorry, this has nothing to do with what I'm saying but I just discovered that I have developed a cold whilst writing his blog note!!!!)... anyway...

The best thing that can happen to someone is that they discover that there is someone who really REALLY really cares about them. I don't mean caring as in the usual caring but that extra special CARING..

It made me feel great. Like an angel was watching over me.. I haven't felt that in over a year and it really did feel great... it made me realize what I was missing.. WOW!

So that's what it was like! cool!

BUT (there's always a "BUT")... what a weird nickname!!! seriously... it's weird... but somehow i still love it....

I'm looking forward to the flights returning to normal.. really am...

Good night world, good night blog... (I am acting like I'm stoned as someone said today... hehehehehe)

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