Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I can't seem to stop yawning this week!!
Last week has been a very long week and I only had one day off this weekend but this has never made me this tired before!!!

I am really looking forward to a long weekend this weekend.. so many places we may go to but as long as I am away from here it doesn't really matter :)

So many things took place this week and last week. They are mostly good.. I also learned a very important lesson.. NEVER and I mean NEVER get in a relationship with someone without working with them first.. doesn't have to be forever but at least get to work on a small project with them. This is the only thing that will show you what this person will be like for the rest of your lives together! Personally, it was an eye opener for me!! What was I getting myself into!!

You will also get to see what other people meant, especially if they make comments like "they will never be in control, you will always have to take charge".. I used to think they are so wrong.. until I found out for myself.

You have to believe in fate.. Not everything you think is bad for you actually is bad for you!

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