Sunday, 2 May 2010

hmm? Say what??

What did I miss?? I woke up (though I had a terrible night's sleep!) and went out for a few hours.. I needed to see something other than the 2 rooms I managed to destroy!!

I came back and was determined to sort at least one of them out. I only have tomorrow left and this is not good...

I managed to finish the largest room (hooray!) and now have little to do in the 2nd room... The summary of this story is: sometimes you need a break away from something in order to be able to go back to it and finish it off.. That was easy!

But then it's lots of news today.. including a new arrival (i.e. new baby).. it's so exciting :D

Enough blogging.. got to go back to the 2nd room.. I am determined to have an early night tonight!

1 comment:

  1. I love this quote:

    "أنا امرأه نصف وزني كبرياء والنصف الآخر شموخ.. ساذج انت إن اعتقدت انك ملكتني .. فمفاتيح قلبي بيــدي.. أنــا من اعطاك اياها.. وأنا من يستردها فلست ممن يرضين بأنصاف الحلول"