Thursday, 20 May 2010

Loving it...

... not sure what "IT" is...

Today I had another one of those unusual dreams... It was odd but not bad..

I was walking in a street close to work and home, one I often walk in, and I found a woman wearing a bridal gown walking out of a restaurant with her groom.. She looked really hyper it was daytime still so it grabbed my attention.. That's not the end of it though..

Moments later another woman appeared wearing a wedding gown, this time she was walking alone.. Moments later more and more women appeared wearing wedding gowns and there were a couple walking together (2 women both wearing wedding gowns..). It was becoming really weird!

I decided to walk into the posh restaurant that the first couple walked out of as I was supposed to meet someone there. I arrived and was told that there is a "women only" area on the lower ground floor.. I headed for the stairs though I kept saying that some people were supposed to meet me and they are on the top floor..

As I reached the area I discovered I was the only one there - apart from the cleaner who was cleaning the toilet! The toilet looked nice and clean so I made an excuse of sorting my scarf out then headed to the top floor. It was more lively - the food was amazing too! I finally found the people I was looking for and sat with them on the table to tell them about this weird day I am having.. That's when I woke up and discovered it was still 05:30!!!

what the heck does this dream mean? It put me in a nice mood to start the day but I keep thinking what does it mean?

Well, time to finish a few things before I head to bed.. Maybe there will be a part 2 (,")

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