Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Time to blog!

Following the advice of a dear friend I decided to have my own blog. As it's too late in the day to start one now I thought this was a start I can do quickly before I sleep.

I don't know what the blog will be like.. I doubt it will be political as I'm one of those people who tends to ignore politics.. Don't ask me why.. I don't know..

I doubt it will be anything to do with finance. Ask those who really know me and they'll tell you what a disaster I am when it comes to financial issues.

It won't be about giving out advice on life or romance or anything else for that matter. It will be my own learning experience as I go through this odd life. It's not easy and I learn something new every day.

I am not reaching for an audience and becoming famous. I am hoping to document what I'm learning for my own sake and maybe someone reading this would find something somewhere useful. Maybe. Maybe not.

The lesson I learnt today was very tough. I learned that people can easily decieve you. They can pretend to be angels when they need you and turn into demons when they no longer do. The switch between both characters can be very scary but it takes an instant to happen.

I also learnt that nothing will last. So you can choose to stay in the safe side (which also isn't guranteed) and live a boring life or risk it and find out what happens next. I have always lived on the edge. Always jumping around and moving from one adventure to another when it came to my career. The minute I stopped to play it safe my life turned really dull and I lost the most distinctive feature I had. Being a very positive person who loves life.

Well, today I quit my job (those who know me will know I quit this same job hundreds of times before but I never went through with it) I tried to live on the safe side remember? It turned me into a depressed person and I lost faith in so many things. But the tine has come to stop.

I quit last Friday and made it official today. It's hard especially as I still don't have a secure job to go to but I guess it's better to leave then figure out what I will do next.

I am starting to document my experience as I enter the world of the unknown. How will it go? How will it end? Who knows! All I know is that the time has come to return to my positive self and learn more on the way..

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