Friday, 19 March 2010

Dear diary...

... I mean dear blog of course... This week has proved to be a difficult one.. It's really interesting though!

so what did I learn... lots!!

I learned the importance of friends. You really have no idea what they mean to you until you need them around you. If you have been a good friend you will find them by your side and ready to sacrifice a lot for you. If you have been a terrible friend, well, it depends on your friends I suppose.. Some will still be amazing and some will not..

The choices we make in this life are difficult.. One wrong choice can cause a lot of stress. One good choice can save you from a lot of stress.. I believe choosing your friends is one of the most difficult decisions one will ever make..

I also learned how determined I am to succeed. It's scary how determined I am actually as it causes a lot of frustration when I face difficulties... but what's the solution? Not a clue..

I have 2 weeks off from work (hope the weather remains as great as it is at the moment) and I plan to read a lot of books... books I have been putting aside until I have time to read them..

So until next time, time to switch off and sleep... night y'all

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