Sunday, 4 July 2010

What if...

A question I keep asking myself everyday... What if we were living in Egypt, what if my dad never left Egypt, what if I decided not to move from school when I did, what if I decide to go back, what if the decisions I make on a daily basis were different? What would have happened? What would have changed? Would anything have changed?

I ask whilst looking around me.. wondering what would happen to those around me if they didn't make the decisions they did.. would our lives have been different...

Maybe I'm thinking too much but I can't stop... As I read about the victims in Egypt - those allegedly killed by police officers or raped... what are we heading to? what's the reason? will it end??

I hoped I was there... not that I was going to stop anything but maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty... or would I have felt even worse?

Life isn't straight-forward.. Lots of changes and lots of disasters, one after the other... I just hope it ends.. for my sanity if nothing else..

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