Friday, 9 July 2010

Khalid Said - silent protests..

I woke up this morning feeling sick... still don't feel right and really needed the day off from work but I couldn't. I was so determined to attend the Khalid Said protest later today and so couldn't really see how I can attend this and not go to work.

I struggled throughout the day and was even told to go home at 11am by a colleague at work.. He said I was looking so pale and tired.. I was still determined to make it till the end of the day for the protest.

It was 6:20 and it was time to go.. I wasn't sure what to expect..

The minute we arrived it was exciting. Egyptian flags could be seen from across the road.. I started taking photos.. getting more excited... recording videos.. talking to people.. hearing people's feedback.. it really was interesting.

The silent demo and protesters attracted a lot of attention.. lots of tourists were wondering what was going on.. they were not afraid to ask.. lots of children were present and parents were telling them the story of the young boy who was beaten to death by the police...

The atmosphere was just amazing.. yet very depressing..

Why can't we protest the same way in Egypt.. peacefully.. without uttering a word?

I compared the photo i took with those being distributed which showed how people were being treated in Egypt for the same reason - the silent protest.. why? I mean why is there this massive difference!

All I can think of now is what will make people continue protesting and not accepting this state... i hope we can see the end soon!

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