Monday, 12 July 2010


Dear blog..

I have had a very tough week... but it's not all me.. some of my very close friends are going through very tough times too.. except this time I don't feel like i'm supporting them the way I usually can do....

It's not easy.. I mean being in this world is not easy... sometime I feel like looking for the EXIT door and just leave.. can't seem to find it though..

Life is really not this complicated - I know - but at times you just see it falling apart on all sides and as soon as you start to work on getting one part restored you find that the other parts are collapsing too..

How can I support my friends as I usually do when I myself need support... it has been almost 5 months.. what's taking so long!

It feels like I went back to school... the little crazy me who was always happy yet kept getting one blow after another... till i became this sad little girl who just wanted to hear music all the time.. sad music.. just didn't want to talk.. didn't want friends whom i can lose as it hurts.. especially if you don't get a chance to say goodbye..

Well... now what?

I can't support my friends.. I can't pick them up when they fall... I can't stop them from getting hurt.. i just need to.... don't know.. need to focus.. but i can't seem to be able to do that..

where is the end? the exit?

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