Friday, 3 September 2010

I spoke too soon!!

I have been so agitated all day.. Losing my nerves and just don't feel right. I snapped.. Even the outing at the end of the day that I thought would help made me feel even worse.

I also lost another friend this week. It's like I'm on a roll!!!

I feel like *#%$ and really feeling the stress.. But I'm determined now that I don't need such "friends". Anyone who abuses friendship for their personal benefit is not a friend and is certainly not a friend I would want to keep..

As Nawara once said.. I'd rather have one good "friend" then a million fake ones..

I wish Amr was here.. He would have said one of the odd things he usually says that I make fun of but deep down I know he's right..

I can't do this anymore.. Certainly not today. Time to call it a day...

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