Sunday, 12 September 2010


This is the second time I've visited Amsterdam.. The first time was just before I moved to BBC Arabic.. It was pretty exciting to be in as I hadn't been there before and I liked what I saw (and at this point I have to admit - it wasn't much).. I left hoping that one day I could move here and work in this country.. I was going to have to learn how to ride bikes but what the heck..

A few years later, I'm here.. It is pretty exciting and - although I saw more than I did last time - I still feel there's a lot more I'm missing out on..

The hotel was certainly one I will never forget.. It is one that I was really worried about as I didn't think it will be safe let alone that it will be this cool!

The rooms really are tiny.. but never have I seen technology that can do so much. It made me ignore how small the room is and hope that I can transform my room at home to be exactly as this.

There's so much this visit has given me... mainly, it provided me with a break, from everything... It suddenly made me feel that I really don't care what happens anywhere in the world and just enjoy the whole experience.

One day I really will move to Amsterdam and work here.. who knows... maybe soon.

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