Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Culture clash

I keep going on and on about this whole culture clash thing but it's actually real... it exists.. and it's not a "happy moment" kind of thing.

I was born and raised in Europe.. a completely different culture to that I'm about to step back into... the only good thing that happened is that i got some training by working in BBC Arabic... and boy was that an experience of a lifetime!

Most people have the image of a western girl with Egyptian features... which is so not me.. i'm a veiled girl with a very odd sense of fashion and i look nothing like a western girl... in fact i kinda look like an alien.

The issue is that since I'm stuck between both cultures i kind of created my own one where i mixed and matched.. Hence, both cultures don't appeal to me or understand me. Fun!

During the revolution it wasn't as nice.. some Egyptians accused me of being a spy or an agent or someone who is happy to stir whilst on another continent... The other side thought i was giving the issue a lot of my time and i needed to chill!

On the other hand, it is usually funny and causes some really funny situations.. but sometimes it make me wonder, I lasted this long where I am because they are an open culture and used to the mix... how long will I last in Egypt? Will it become a real issue? I guess I will find out soon....

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