Friday, 10 June 2011

Crazy life - take 2

OK..I did say I was going to take care of the blog this week and start blogging again.. I mean this is not how my blog should look!!!
But as usual - seriously this is my usual life - it got very crazy!!

I am leaving work at the BBC in a few days... and I am so glad I finally made that decision and followed it to the end this time...

I have 2 job offers and 1 more interview... I know which one i want but I have so much to prepare before I go there...

There's one thing I can't explain though... There's something I haven't blogged about and can't seem to get me to write a word about it... not sure why... maybe because i can see a disaster waiting to happen but can't seem to stop or do anything about it.. just watching...

so much still to share... including the military violence video... all in time

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