Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Complete change of plans..

... now I'm not working on my own.. though I'm still eager to give it a shot.. my own version.

However.. this is not what I want to talk about... Today I met someone I would really love to work with.. I think..

Smart, willing to throw away the plan as you are about to start it and improvise.. He knows a lot about technology AND he's good looking! What more could I possibly want!

It was actually really nice working with him today - he was technically knowledgeable and this meant that I didn't need to spend days explaining to him what I'm talking about (let alone what we are supposed to be doing!). He was also a charmer and he managed to get people to do what he wanted - easily.. It made the task much easier.

As we started one of the interviews I surprised him by saying that HE would be conducting it - alone - and in classical Arabic.. If that was me I'd want a few mins to get my self ready. It took him seconds.

Sitting in the meeting was also great - some fresh ideas - new topics - fresh attitude - excitement about what we are doing.. it was all just great.

Plus he's not a drama queen - didn't get tired - hasn't complained for a second!

It makes me think "WHAT THE HECK WAS I ....." actually I'll censor that part :D

Today was very positive - I definitely can see how this programme will work. Didn't see it before.

On the funny side.... My boss said something about this same issue that cracked me up at first, until I saw it for myself.. This is censored too :D


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