Wednesday, 11 January 2012

25 January.. The Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian revolution started on 25th January - a bank holiday in honor of Egyptian police. It was asking for reforms and basic human right: bread, freedom and human dignity. For the first time in years, thousands took to the streets and it was a "peaceful" demonstration. Shortly after midnight, when the media left the square and the protestors, the police attacked. For 18 solid days protestors remain in Tahrir square to witness bloody clashes in which hundreds lost their lives and many were injured. The army took part, although they were not as violent as the police and at times they decided to stand back and not be a part of the struggle.

The demands increased after "anger Friday" and the request was for the government to step down. on 11th February Mubarak stepped down handing over power to SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) who have promised to hand over power to the elected president six months after Mubarak stepped down.

Thinking that their revolution has ended successfully the protestors went home.

Almost a year after Mubarak stepped down hundreds more have lost their lives and many more seriously injured (losing eyes or limbs or paralyzed).

SCAF have not yet confirmed a final date for handing over power and the protestors have vowed to return to the squares and remain until power is handed to an elected president. The struggle continues.

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